Where do I start with

Where do I start with this Band and Silvio. First off the voice it is something so special and you can tell he really cares about his skill. Not only that but his communication on the lead up to the wedding was brilliant. He also learnt my father daughter dance.

The dance floor was full for the night we even ended up dancing on tables. Prior to this I thought I was a classy a bride 😂

My dad ended up surprising the Swithas and sang our first dance. They completely took this in their stride and it was such a magical moment. Although dad went back a couple more times as I think he wanted to part of the Swithas band 🤭

The ceremony music still gives me goosebumps and they really made us feel so special. Our day was magical and the Swithas and Silvio were a huge part of the happiest day of our life. We will be forever grateful.


Laura Bhreathnach